How Far?

By Lamerle (under a Creative Commons licence)
By Lamerle (under a Creative Commons licence)

So, I saw a report on the BBC today – or rather, a discussion. Why the distinction is so important? Well, because it would appear that the BBC has the decency not to show the entire world a video of a Syrian rebel fighter literally eating the heart of his vanquished opponent. I wish this was some kind of Halloween joke, but it isn’t. It is the bitter reality of the Syrian Civil War, courtesy the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China. These two nations have proven themselves incompetent, unwilling and quite simply irresponsible when it comes to putting humanity first. They have been blocking one resolution after another and obstructed a referral to the International Criminal Court for this situation. By doing so, they are aiding, abetting and assisting a mass slaughter of civilians in Syria. To describe this tactical double play as “disgusting” would still be way too polite. How far does this conflict have to go before the world finally intervenes against this madness? Or isn’t there enough in terms of natural resources to justify an invasion? Because that’s what is required – not next week, next month or in a year, but NOW.

The longer the West refuses to act, the longer we’re silent abettors ourselves. And all of that, 70 years after the horrors of the Second World War.


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