Monday Roundup: The stories that caught my eye

Image by Jon S, under a Creative Commons licence
Image by Jon S, under a Creative Commons licence

Last week, I introduced the Monday Roundup feature, primarily to focus on stories which aren’t very prominent in the news, but may still play a role in either international politics or a major country’s wider political debate:

The Danish government has become the first to formally claim the North Pole for itself. The interesting question will be how this claim may affect Denmark’s relations with Russia. Given recent tensions between NATO and Crimea, this seemingly peripheral territorial issue may become an interesting auxiliary story on the world stage.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian delegation at the United Nations is seeking to mandate an Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank. Given the current Israeli election campaign, this appears more than unlikely – and is a step more liable to help Benjamin Netanyahu or the hardliners under Naftali Bennett.

In the United States, the families of the schoolchildren killed in the Sandy Hook Massacre are suing the company which made the assault weapon used in the crime. Whilst no immediate impact can be expected on the political debate, it remains to be seen whether the lawsuit may change attitudes among gun manufacturers.


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